It’s luxurious, it’s breathtaking and its beaches are stunning… Yes, it’s the Maldives and it’s a place where luxury meets island living. We at Viluxur call Maldives our second home. We have partnered with the best of the best in the industry, and we know Maldives better than anyone else. We have experienced everything the Maldives has to offer and we want to share our experiences with rest of the world.

The adventure, the calmness, the turquoise waters, the luxury and the hospitality are all seamlessly blended, and they call it the Maldives. We work with the most outstanding resorts to offer the best of the Maldives to our clients, and we invite you to be a part of offering the Maldives hospitality to the world.


Arrival Infomation

Visa on Arrival

The Maldives’ main international airport is the Velana International Airport (VIA) and it’s situated on the island of Hulhule, which is a mile from the capital city – Male. The airport is equipped with its own restaurants, shops, public conveniences, a post office, a children’s play area and other commercial facilities. Find out everything you need to know before you visit the Maldives.


The Capital

Male City

The small yet bustling city of Male lies on another island offering a dynamic shopping extravaganza and vibrant, bustling streets. The Velana International Airport (VIA) is situated in the Male Atoll but on a separate island. Yes, you read it right - the airport has an island all to itself!

Water Sports
With the ocean being the main attraction in the Maldives, water sports are widely popular amongst the adventurous tourists. Despite scuba diving and snorkelling being the favourites of many, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, catamaran rides, speed boating and parasailing are other popular options for water sports in the Maldives.
Guests have the opportunity of visiting places of interest in Male, which is the commercial and political hub of the Maldives. Resorts organise these excursions on cruise boats on a regular basis.
Peep into the local village life as you take a stroll in other inhabited and uninhabited islands on full or half day tours. Some local islands offer special crafts and souvenirs, which can be purchased by tourists.
A sandbank dinner or cocktails is an incredibly romantic experience offered by some resorts that are blessed with neighbouring sand banks. Check with your resort on the availability of such an unforgettable experience
Most resorts offer world-class spa and beauty treatments, which will rejuvenate your senses leaving you refreshed and relaxed throughout the holiday.
Seaplane photo flights offer the opportunity of a lifetime to see the picturesque Maldives with a bird’s eye panoramic view of the magnificent Islands. An ideal opportunity to take photographs from all angles.
The magical Islands of the Maldives are sensational honeymoon destinations to celebrate love, romance and eternal happiness. A fantastic start to your journey together in the breathtaking surroundings and the pristine beaches.
Water Sports
Addu tour is half day trip starting from the Addu City. Visit the four islands which are joined together by some small bridges, a fish factory in Mardhoo and the icon of Addu is Addu convention center which was built for the 17th SARC Summit. ( you could experience this if you are staying at a resort in Addu atoll)
Off the coast of the island of Bandos lies the uninhabited tiny little island oasis of Kuda Bandos. It’s one of the 1,192 coral islands of the Maldives and is an intimate and a romantic setting for a private picnic.
Tiny Islands community marine conservation centre has been formed by the community of Naifaru and the international volunteers that give their time to volunteering at the cenre and help to educate the community on vital areas of marine conservation

Quick Facts : Maldives

  • Capital : Malé

  • Dialing Code : +960

  • Currency : Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR)

  • Population : 345,023