Shafraz Fazley ( Shaffi )

Shafraz also known as “Shaffi” is a visionary who believes in offering high-quality services with an innovative approach. With years of industry experience in both Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Shaffi took the plunge in setting up Viluxur as he felt the need to cater to a niche market with an unconventional approach. His bubbly personality is almost contagious, and his positivity is what drives the company forward. His zest for life is what makes him enjoy good food, encourage new ideas and drive his passion forward.  His laid-back attitude is the reason his team admires him greatly.

Shaffi has set clear goals for Viluxur, and we hope to grow under his guidance to elevated heights in the industry.



  • Name : Shafraz Fazley

  • Position : Managing Director

  • Email :

  • Branch : Colombo - LK