Go For The Challenge!

Go For The Challenge!
02 Aug
Viluxur Holidays

What is it?

It is a fresh approach to experience a holiday like no other. 

The standard Maldives holidaymaker will stay an average of 4 – 5 nights, Books a preferred room category and spends their holiday at the resort going ahead with the leisure activities, culinary and bar experiences planned out by the resort. This is the most common trend followed by holidaymakers. Now as times are changing, holidaymakers are looking for especially curated experiences revolving around specifically themed holidays.

Analyzing the feedback provided on various review platforms, the demand for a specifically curated holiday experience is on the rise. Therefore allowing us to create a specifically themed Holiday experience “GO FOR THE CHALLENGE” (GFTC).

The experiences are created by selected list of activities that are different from each other and challenges the participants both mentally and physically.


Creators of the competition.

Industry professionals who are willing to experiment with this growing trend before competitors do and offer a new experience that will be an added value to the consumers.


Targeted consumer segment.

GFTC is created for a consumer segment that needs a holiday experience that is energizing, challenging, engaging, interactive and fun to do.

It is open to families, couples or friends, adventure enthusiasts of any age group.


How does it work?

GFTC will be hosted at a selected list resort in the Maldives. The Maldives is made up of a stunning string of teardrop atolls, over a thousand islands and natural sandbanks, the Maldives is famous for its crystal clear turquoise lagoons that are home to some of the world’s most rare and precious marine biospheres and mesmerizing underwater life.

The journey begins at the arrival to the Maldives. Participants will be met and greeted by the Hosts and escorted to the transfer either by boat or by aircraft (seaplane or domestic flight) to the selected resort.

Once checked in to the resort, the participants will be briefed about the competition and will be welcomed to the resort with an opening ceremony and dinner.

The events will commence the following day and include activities such as treasure hunting in a remote island, quiz nights, sunset fishing, obstacle races and many more. Finally, the participants will celebrate their achievement with a gala dinner and evening entertainment. The events are moderated and are subject to competition rules.


Benefits and advantages.

The participants will gain a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction by completing the challenges that are part of GFTC theme. It is also a great method to interact with other participants from different countries and bond closely with friends and family.